It is our understanding that New York County Supreme Court matrimonial judge Deborah Ann Kaplan has been effectively removed from the bench for judicial misconduct.

Immediately following the most recent episode of misconduct in April 2015, Justice Kaplan was prohibited from hearing any new cases, stripped of 90% of her caseload and re-assigned to a newly created "Coordinating Judge" position doing a "comprehensive review" of Family Violence cases:  

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Kaplan's testimony in her father's federal criminal trial made to impeach and disparage a victim of domestic violence testifying against her father:

Complaint detailing Kaplan allegedly making materially false statements under oath during a deposition:

Claim against Kaplan for allegedly directing and orchestrating an assault against a litigant in her courtroom:

Affidavit of witness allegedly showing Kaplan and matrimonial attorney Susan Bender engaging in improper ex part communications at a Continuing Legal Education presentation during the pendency of a custody trial that Justice Kaplan presided over and Susan Bender was participating in as "Attorney for the Child":

Letter disseminated by litigant appearing before Kaplan in matrimonial action:

Transcript of Kaplan's attorney complaining that "her name was invoked" and she was "needlessly publicly humiliated to her professional detriment and personal pain" during her father's 1996 criminal trial, despite the fact she willingly took the stand to impeach and disparage a victim of domestic violence that was testifying against her father:

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